Feedster - News aggregator
with smart features

  • Personalized news feeds from YouTube, Twitter, Feedly, Vk and..
  • Only needed features wrapped in fresh and clean design
  • One of the smoothest and fastest app that you have ever seen
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What is Feedster?

Single list for all news feeds from your accounts in social networks, RSS feeds from sites you like and all of this in combination with fresh and clean design, all necessary features like writing comments, rating posts and much much more...

  • Accordion IconSAVE YOUR TIME

    Now there is no need to waste your time and switch between applications. All your feeds available in one place. With Feedster you can easily organize publications, channels, subreddits, communities and work with the latest trends, read blogs, learn new topics. Use your time as productive as possible. No need to do unnecessary actions anymore.

  • Accordion IconVARIETY OF SOURCES

    Android: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, VK, Facebook and Feedly
    iOS: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, VK and Feedly
    Connect multiple accounts from different sources in one place and work with your personalized feeds. Write comments, manage publications about people, brands and companies. This advanced news aggregator unites all the best from social networks. Get the best of what really Interests you.

  • Accordion IconEASY TO USE

    Convenient and intuitive interface will help you comfortably spend your time in Feedster. All necessary actions can be performed in a few clicks. The app loads fast, offers a simple and clean usability experience. Infinite scroll, customizable and fast-loading interface combined with a pleasant design and easy-to-understand functionality help to work with news content faster and with minimal effort.

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